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University licensing is an important channel for creating impact from university research that serves the public good.

CoMotion distributes UW technologies under five different licensing products. For each innovation, our experienced team of Innovation Managers will help you select the type of distribution that best fits your business plan.

Featured product

Husky FAST Start

Build your startup on UW innovation

Husky FAST Start (TM) is intended for UW spinoffs building a company based on UW-managed intellectual property. The FAST acronym stands for Fair, Aligned, Standardized, and Transparent.

Other key products

License to an Existing Company

Strengthen your company’s pipeline

For established companies and startups who want to strengthen their pipeline with UW technologies.

Option to License

Hold your company’s place in line

For potential licensees, an option provides guaranteed access to license for an agreed upon time period.

Evaluation License

Take UW technology for a test run

Low transaction costs allow companies to consider fit prior to establishing a license or option.

Express Digital Content

Streamlined licensing for digital content

Online marketplace of non-exclusive licenses and end-user agreements on standardized terms.

Product comparison chart (PDF)

Compare each product’s attributes.

Material transfer agreements

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTAs) is a contract that protects your intellectual property (IP) when you either provide or receive research materials to and from other institutions or corporate entities.

Types of MTAs

Other agreement types


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