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There are many ways to get involved as an investor in CoMotion. Learn how your involvement can help us move innovations to impact.

Connect with a UW spinoff or startup

CoMotion can connect investors to our network of startups. These include startups incubating at CoMotion Labs, a multi-industry labs system hosting startups from inside and outside the UW community across three locations on UW campus as well as startups from the UW who are not CoMotion Labs members. Search UW spinoffs and CoMotion-supported startups here, and to connect with a startup, email either UW CoMotion HQ or CoMotion Labs.

Investment opportunities

CoMotion DubPitch

This biannual event brings together early-stage UW startups and venture capitalists for an exchange of ideas and potential investment opportunities. It gives investors the opportunity to learn more about UW and CoMotion Labs startups, and allows UW researchers and startups to make valuable connections to investors who have the potential to fuel their businesses. CoMotion started this event a few years ago to create opportunities for startups to pitch directly to regional investors. We invite investors from our network to attend and learn about innovations from our community. For more information about DubPitch, contact

Our investors

IP Group logo

IP Group

IP Group was set up with a mission to bridge the gap between cutting edge scientific innovation and commercialization, giving some of the best technological inventions the tools to succeed. The Group helps create, build and support outstanding intellectual property-based companies on the journey to commercialization. IP Group Inc. was formed in 2013 to pursue a customized commercialization strategy for the North American market, based on non-exclusive partnerships with research institutions.

Osage University Partners logo

Osage University Partners (OUP)

Osage University Partners (OUP) invests in startups developing pioneering technologies in partnership with the top research institutions in the US and abroad. Through a deep relationship with the Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) of over 100 universities, they’ve backed over 90 of the best and most exciting companies based on university research. They work with entrepreneurs, scientists, and students who are integral to the university startup ecosystem’s success.

Logo for Washington Research Foundation.

Washington Research Foundation

Washington Research Foundation supports innovation at any stage, operating at the intersection of academic research, technology development, public and private investment, philanthropy and industry. They are a major contributor to UW’s CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund program that targets research and technologies with strong commercial potential and have contributed more than 500 individual grants to the University of Washington.

Other investors