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Our Talented Team


Francois Baneyx

François Baneyx

Director, CoMotion and UW Vice Provost for Innovation
headshot Anson Fatland

Anson Fatland

Associate Vice Provost for Innovation Strategy and Ventures
headshot Fiona Wills

Fiona Wills

Associate Vice Provost for Innovation Development & Commercialization
headshot Sara Burmeister

Sara Burmeister

Associate Vice Provost for Innovation Finance and Operations


headshot Shoko Saji

Shoko Saji

Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Innovation
Kasie Becker

Kasie Becker

Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Provost for Innovation Strategy and Ventures
headshot Merrie Emmons

Merrie Emmons

Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Provost for Innovation Development & Commercialization

Innovation Managers and Administrators

head shot Forest Bohrer

Forest Bohrer

Senior Innovation Manager, Engineering
head shot Judy Bridges

Judy Bridges

Innovation Manager, Physical Sciences
headshot Frieda Chan

Frieda Chan

Innovation Manager, Life Sciences
headshot Laura Dorsey

Laura Dorsey

Director of Licensing, Copyright & Software
head shot Roï Eisenkot

Roï Eisenkot

Senior Innovation Manager, Bioengineering

Dennis Hanson

Director of Licensing, Life Sciences
headshot Adam Krynicki

Adam Krynicki

Innovation Manager, Digital Content and Database
headshot Jennifer McCullar

Jennifer McCullar

Associate Director, Life Sciences
headshot Lisa Norton

Lisa Norton

Director of Licensing, Physical Sciences & Engineering
headshot Shamim Naigaga Shonibar

Shamim Naigaga Shonibare

Innovation Manager, Software & Copyright

Iris Castillo

Senior Licensing and IP Associate

Zoe Embler

Licensing and Intellectual Property Associate
headshot Bunny Grewal

Bunny Grewal

Compliance Manager
headshot Amy Simmonsen

Amy Simmonsen

Senior Licensing and IP Associate

Material Transfer Team

James Lowry

Senior Agreements Officer

Jean Reilly

Agreements Specialist

Intellectual Property Managers and Administrators

Katrina Brede

Copyright and Trademark Manager

Robyn Adams

Director, Patents

Patrick Chinkiwsky

Senior Patent Portfolio Manager
headshot Dev Narasimhan

Dev Narasimhan

Patent Portfolio Manager
headshot Venu Sareen

Venu Sareen

Patent Portfolio Manager

Rain Bartholomew

Intellectual Property Paralegal

Christine Hurdle

Senior Intellectual Property Paralegal

CoMotion Labs

Ashlee Esteban

Associate Director, CoMotion Labs
headshot Zach Chamberlain

Zach Chamberlain

Manager, CoMotion Labs - Life Science
headshot Siri Vimolchalao

Siri Vimolchalao

Manager, CoMotion Labs – Hardware

Caroline Hansen

Manager, CoMotion Labs - Technology & Innovations Investments

Funding, Mentorship and Training

headshot Soraya Bailey

Soraya Bailey

Director, Innovation Training
headshot Ryan Buckmaster

Ryan Buckmaster

Associate Director, Innovation Investments
headshot Ken Myer

Ken Myer

Commercialization Advisor

Mobility Innovation Center

headshot Bart Treece

Bart Treece

Director, Mobility Innovation Center

Marketing and Events

headshot Donna O'Neill

Donna O’Neill

Director, Marketing & Communications

Debra Bouchegnies

CoMotion Marketing Manager
headshot Sallyann Price

Sallyann Price

Writer/Content Creator

Greg Schlimm

Web Computer Specialist
headshot Karen Leikin

Karen Leikin

Assistant Director of Special Events
headshot Fanny Castro

Fanny Castro

Special Events Manager


Devon Bacon

IT Manager
headshot Maryn Gerdes

Maryn Gerdes

Human Resources Manager

Johnathon Giang

Contract Manager

Bob Glass

Software Engineer

Anna Godornes

Fiscal Specialist II
Karla Maynard

Karla Maynard

Invoice Specialist

Sarica Sampson

Senior Analyst

Elaine Tobin

CoMotion Community Manager
Lila Young photo

Lila Young

IT Business Analyst