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Support Diversity in Innovation

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism principles play critical roles in generating inclusive innovations. CoMotion believes that each person matters and can make a positive difference in the world with their unique ideas and perspectives to improve society. We are committed to building a diverse innovation ecosystem that offers opportunities for all. Your gift can help enhance our accessibility and inclusion efforts and eliminate disparities in entrepreneurship. 

Support the Innovation Gap Fund

Help CoMotion expand the reach and impact of its flagship Innovation Gap Fund, which provides up to $50,000 in competitive seed funding to teams exploring the translational potential of UW innovations. The fund’s mission is to support projects that have a high chance of making an impact but are unlikely to do so without gap funding. The program helps teams and technologies transition from academic research to the level of development needed to attract seed-stage private investment. Awards support customer research and critical de-risking, such as building and testing prototypes and minimal viable products. 

Support the Postdoctoral Entrepreneurship Program

The Postdoctoral Entrepreneurship Program supports talented UW researchers who are committed to translating their innovations to the marketplace. One year of postdoctoral funding and training allow innovators to conduct key translational experiments, develop business models and identify sources of startup funding for their discoveries.

Support the Mobility Innovation Center

A partnership between CoMotion and Challenge Seattle, the Mobility Innovation Center (MIC) is dedicated to building the transportation system of the future through partnerships, applied research, and experimentation. This multidisciplinary Center brings together the industry’s leading expertise from business, government, nonprofit, and academia to help develop new technologies and explore creative solutions that have the potential to change the way we move people, information, and goods across our transportation network. 

CoMotion Labs Gift Fund

Support the CoMotion incubator program’s mission to provide space, training, and support for startups in the UW innovation ecosystem.