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Hold your place in line or take tech for a test run

CoMotion offers several low-risk and low-cost license products before a company commits to taking a full license. See our Licensing FAQs or email us at for more information.

Option to license

Standard Exclusive Option Agreement Template (PDF)


It is a standard and efficient agreement that guarantees access to license a technology for an agreed upon time period. It also includes the right to evaluate and provides the prospective licensee a set amount of time to fully evaluate interest in a technology without the risk of losing the technology to a rival.

CoMotion offers option agreements to allow companies time to negotiate a license and discuss business needs. Option agreements are available ahead of any license negotiation including:

  • Startup licenses
  • Exclusive licenses
  • Non-exclusive licenses
  • Material licenses
  • Software licenses
  • Device licenses

Who is it for?

For potential licensees who want to hold their place in line.

Key attributes

  • Standard efficient agreement
  • Guaranteed access to license for an agreed upon time period
  • Includes right to evaluate

Evaluation license

Example Evaluation License Template for Program Services (PDF)


An evaluation license allows potential licensees to take UW technology for a test run. It involves minimal negotiation, is short-term only and provides the opportunity for de-risking. Low transaction costs allow companies to consider the fit of technology with their existing pipeline prior to establishing a license or option. As an example of one type of evaluation license, this template is used for program services offered directly to end-users.
CoMotion offers evaluation agreements for materials, program services, intellectual property rights, devices, software, or confidential information.

Who is it for?

For potential licensees who want to take UW technology for a test run.

Key attributes

  • Minimal negotiation
  • Short-term only
  • Opportunity for de-risking