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CoMotion partners with the UW community on their innovation journey, providing tools, connections, and acumen to transform ideas into economic and societal impact.

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CoMotion is a signatory to AUTM’s COVID-19 Licensing Guidelines to enable rapid access to university innovations addressing the current pandemic.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, packages may not be successfully delivered by courier to CoMotion. If you need to send documents, please use

View news & resources for COVID-19 to learn about UW researchers developing innovations to fight coronavirus and find resources for entrepreneurs and startups to help navigate the crisis.

CoMotion Labs

CoMotion Labs provides a multi-industry incubation environment for early-stage startups with a focus on UW spinoffs.

Student opportunities & resources

Many resources are available for students across the UW innovation ecosystem including training and education, competitions, internships, and fellowships.


Naja Ferhan Ramírez
UW Researcher Spotlight: Naja Ferhan Ramírez

Learn about Naja Ferhan Ramírez, Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the University of Washington, and her work creating SparkLingTM, preparing educators to teach children ages zero to five a second language.

Meet a CoMotion Labs Member: Equalize Health
Meet a CoMotion Labs Member: Equalize Health

Equalize Health, a startup based in CoMotion Labs hardware incubator at Fluke Hall, is a not-for-profit medical technology company with a global team of award-winning designers, engineers, medical professionals, and business minds.

Innovation Imperative
Innovation Imperative

Explore how the UW empowers students and researchers to learn, discover, and build solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

26 Innovations
26 UW Innovations

Explore these fundamental and groundbreaking innovations developed wholly or in part at the University of Washington.

Support Innovation
Support Innovation

Help University of Washington innovators achieve the greatest impact from their ideas and discoveries by supporting the CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund.

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