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Student Opportunities & Resources


At CoMotion, we understand the vital role of students in the UW innovation community.

CoMotion opportunities & resources

The UW offers a wide variety of educational, training, competition, and other learning opportunities to build students’ skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Student IP Ownership

Often undergraduate and graduate students are not employees of the university and are not working in a research lab. Thus, these students frequently own the intellectual property related to their innovations. While CoMotion is unable to provide patenting and licensing services for this individually-owned property, there are many resources available across the ecosystem to assist students.

  • NSF I-CORPS Program
    Do you have an idea that you think has commercial potential? Do you dream of starting a company sometime in the future? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the NSF I-Corps program may be right for you. Funded by the National Science Foundation, I-Corps aims to accelerate academic research projects that are ready to move toward commercialization.
  • Fundamentals for Startups and other training videos
    Anyone interested in startup creation is encouraged to attend our Fundamentals for Startups lecture series currently accessible via YouTube live stream. The series takes place every Friday over lunch during the academic year and features experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts who help close the gap in startup knowledge. Past lectures from the series can be found in Innovation Training Videos by selecting the Fundamentals for Startups filter.

  • Undergraduate Research Program (URP)
    URP facilitates research experiences for undergraduates with UW faculty members across the disciplines. Funding to support undergraduate research is available through opportunities managed by the URP, other UW programs, and organizations beyond campus. The funding may take a variety of forms, such as:

    • Fellowships, scholarships, and awards that provide assistance with tuition and fees
    • Direct grants for research materials
    • Other awards that provide assistance for specific activities like travel to a research site or travel to professional conferences
  • Competitions
    The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship and other organizations around campus host competitions for students and startups at various stages of development throughout the year.

Opportunities across UW - The Innovation Imperative

The UW Innovation Imperative empowers students and researchers to learn, discover, and build solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. It encourages innovation by providing the space and opportunity for people from all backgrounds — from the humanities to the sciences, the poetic and the pragmatic — to connect, imagine, and discover.

Classes & Clubs

Explore UW’s innovation and entrepreneurship classes and clubs to start or accelerate your innovation journey.

Innovation Programs

The UW offers a wide variety of educational and learning opportunities to build skills in innovation and entrepreneurship at any point in the journey.

Internships & Fellowships

Discover the wide variety of innovation- and entrepreneur-focused internships and fellowships available to both undergrads and grads.


Students and faculty can leverage UW campus makerspaces, which have tools and resources to build and prototype their next great idea.

Career Resources

Life Science Washington

Life Science Washington creates connections and promotes policies that strengthen the environment for ground-breaking R&D that improves and saves lives. Learn how to connect with their events, a job site, and a free consulting session.

Washington Technology Industry Association

WTIA is an organization of 1,000 technology companies working to build a strong, sustainable technology sector in a thriving community. Explore its frequent events and job postings.


Handshake is the UW’s online job and internship database. You can search for internships, part-time, and full-time jobs from your computer or mobile device, as well as view physical and virtual upcoming employer events.

University of Washington Jobs

Search this extensive database of employment opportunities across all of UW.