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Throughout more than 150 years of history, the UW has demonstrated an extraordinary track record of inventions and discoveries with impact across the globe.

Success Stories

Success at CoMotion takes many forms – from successful UW spinoffs and startups, to acquisitions of UW projects or startups by leading companies, to licensing of UW IP to industry leaders for further development. Here, we also share innovation journeys of invention and discovery told by UW inventors themselves.

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Rankings & metrics

Ranked the number one most innovative public university in the world (Reuters, 2019), the University of Washington continues to make both an economic and societal impact in the Puget Sound region and beyond.

CoMotion’s spinoffs & startups

Browse the spinoffs and startups that CoMotion has supported and launched over time.

The Innovation Imperative

The UW Innovation Imperative empowers students and researchers to learn, discover, and build solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. It encourages innovation by providing the space and opportunity for people from all backgrounds — from the humanities to the sciences, the poetic and the pragmatic — to connect, imagine, and discover. Learn more about the integral role CoMotion plays.