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What we do

CoMotion Labs provides a multi-industry incubation environment for early-stage startups. While preference is given to UW spinoffs, we accept startups from outside the UW community as well. From critical infrastructure to learning, mentoring, and networking, CoMotion Labs nurtures and enables success. And we help them grow without taking equity. Our labs operate in three incubators on the UW Seattle campus, each focusing on a particular industry sector: life sciences and hardware in Fluke Hall, and technology in Startup Hall.

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Our unique advantage

We're about your success

Business is all about relationships. At CoMotion Labs you’ll find resources for your startup when your idea is in the pre-seed stage, and along the journey as you scale up. Here, you’ll find plenty of office space, meeting rooms, and chemistry, biology, and engineering resources, as well as a full complement of tools and equipment necessary for prototyping and development.

We provide connections and training

Our services set us apart. As part of the University of Washington, you’ll have access to thousands of first-rate minds doing cutting-edge research in hundreds of fields. We’ll plug you into Seattle’s thriving innovation community through our CoMotion Advisory Network and free workshops on everything from customer development to financing.

We’re affordable

Since we operate on a sustainability model, instead of a profit model, our rates are affordable, so you can hire more staff. Plus, when you join CoMotion Labs, you keep your intellectual property and equity.


CoMotion Labs life sciences incubator (Fluke Hall)

For startups focused in

  • Life science
  • Biotech
  • Medtech

Supports startups with

  • advanced prototyping
  • microfabrication
  • biology, bioengineering, engineering
  • fluidics
  • electronics
  • optics


  • Wet labs and dry labs
  • 60 sit/stand desks, 8 small offices, 4 large offices
  • 20 lab benches, 5 private labs
  • 4 conference rooms



HWI w 3Dprinters & Fluke sign

CoMotion Labs hardware incubator (Fluke Hall)

For startups focused in

  • Medtech
  • Materials
  • Health
  • Consumer

Supports startups with

  • prototyping and development


  • 20 workbenches, sit/stand desks, 2 conference rooms
  • 1 large private lab space
  • 4 phone booths, a break area, lockable storage cabinets and storage racks
  • 3D printers, large laser cutter, various hand tools
  • full electronics/circuitry stations with reflow oven
  • multiple resin printers with wash/cure stations
  • a suite of design and CAD software



CoMotion Labs technology incubator (Startup Hall)

For startups focused in

  • IT
  • Software
  • Fintech
    • AI/ML

Key Programs

  • BECU FinTech Incubator
  • Startup studio Kernel Labs
  • Techstars Seattle Accelerator – a global platform for investment and innovation, connecting startups, investors, and corporations.


  • 100 sit/stand desks, 6 conference rooms
  • two event spaces (100 and 50 capacity)
    • 15 phone booths
  • community kitchen

New price plans

  • Plans are month-to-month and range from Unlimited to Virtual.



Member benefits


  • desks & offices
  • conference rooms
  • wet labs & dry labs
  • prototyping support


  • startup sessions
  • workshops
  • bootcamps
  • special topics


  • peer to peer
  • industry partners
  • research partners
  • investors


  • business coaching
  • mentors
  • UW cost centers
  • preferred vendors

Our team

Ashlee Esteban

Associate Director, CoMotion Labs

Uly Rivera

Manager, CoMotion Labs -Life Science

Alex Kith

CoMotion Labs - Fluke Hall Operations Specialist

Caroline Hansen

Comotion Labs Events Manager

Alleah Leano

Business Development Coordinator

Elaine Tobin


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