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Startups & Incubation


We support startup creation, launch, and incubation.

Opportunities & resources for startups

We help entrepreneurs reach the next level with resources to license inventions, launch a business, or incubate a startup. We offer wraparound services to support startup success including training, mentoring, networking, funding opportunities, and space across a variety of industries.

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Learn more about Innovation Training.

  • List of resources for forming you startup
    When starting a new business venture, entrepreneurs need to make sure they comply with a range of legal requirements including financial regulations, tax obligations, and employment laws. By making sure your new company has its legal bases covered, you can focus on growing your business.

  • CoMotion DubPitch
    CoMotion brings together early-stage startups and venture capitalists for an exchange of ideas and potential investment opportunities. Open to UW spinoffs, CoMotion Labs startups, s WE-REACH startups, and the Mobility Innovation Center. For more information, contact

Learn more about Funding & Competitions.

  • Find a Mentor
    Mentors can mean the difference between success and failure for early-stage entrepreneurs. They offer business development knowledge, pitch coaching, networking connections, and subject matter expertise. All UW spinoffs and all CoMotion Labs members should join as a mentee at CoMotion Advisory Solutions Community Page.

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  • Husky Fast Start (for UW Spinoffs only)
    Husky FAST Start (TM) is intended for UW spinoffs building a company based on UW-managed intellectual property. The FAST acronym stands for Fair, Aligned, Standardized, and Transparent. These specialized terms are available to spinoffs founded by UW students, professors, and employees who developed the innovation. The simplified and standardized templates for startup term sheets and license agreements have been vetted by a panel of attorneys from several local law firms.

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The Institute of Translational Health Sciences helps project teams address regulatory and reimbursement analysis, which is essential in moving technologies like medical devices, diagnostics or therapeutics forward.

CoMotion Startup Handbook

The CoMotion Startup Handbook is a valuable resource to support UW researchers and entrepreneurs on their startup journey. The booklet clearly explains the key steps that go into creating a successful startup and how CoMotion will support you along the way. In addition to sharing practical information, it will also help inspire and empower your journey ahead.

Incubate at CoMotion Labs

CoMotion Labs provides a multi-industry incubation environment for early-stage startups with a focus on UW spinoffs. Learn more about our spaces and member benefits.

Search CoMotion’s spinoffs & startups

Browse the spinoffs and startups that CoMotion has supported and launched over time.


  • UW researchers with questions can contact us at
  • Startups with questions can contact CoMotion Labs at or call (206) 543-3970