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Sponsored Research in Your Lab

Given the cutting-edge research that is transferred into university startups, it is frequently the founder’s laboratory that is in the best position to perform the initial development work needed by the company. This can be accomplished by the startup sponsoring research into the founder’s lab. This allows the company to pay for the research and secure the right to license the resulting intellectual property.

Sponsored research, including from UW startups, is managed through UW’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). CoMotion and OSP coordinate to ensure that intellectual property terms are aligned between the startup license agreement and the sponsored research agreement.

When a startup wants to sponsor research in a UW researcher’s lab, the startup works with the UW researcher to create the scope of work and the budget. The UW researcher or their administrator then submits an eGC1 form to OSP who will review, negotiate, and approve the agreement.

How to request an agreement template

Many university spinoffs don’t have sponsored research agreement templates, however UW can provide one to facilitate the process. The researcher or their administrator can use the notes field of the eGC1 to request use of the Husky FAST Start research agreement template and identify that this relates to a spinoff/startup. Including this information facilitates the communication between CoMotion and OSP. Any delays are typically the result of incomplete information, or ensuring approvals are in place for any relevant compliance issues. The UW researcher will be your contact for determining if all the necessary information has been submitted. When all of the information in the eGC1 is complete, and the Husky FAST start research Agreement template is requested, OSP can create an agreement for review by the startup within a few working days.

Additional resources

  • Learn more about eGC1s here
  • For more information about UW sponsored agreements, the approvals that need to be obtained (IRB, IACUC, Export Control, FCOI, GDPR/potential data issues as relevant), as well as some high-level principles when working with UW, go here


To contact the Office of Sponsored Programs, email