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License to an Existing Company

Strengthen your company’s pipeline


Companies can enter into an exclusive or non-exclusive license agreement with UW CoMotion. Our licensing product uses an adaptable template agreement with industry-accepted terms. It has resulted in over 200 licenses per year.

Non-exclusive or exclusive

Non-exclusive license example (PDF)

As an example of one type of non-exclusive license, this template is used for resale of biomaterials.

Exclusive licensing example (PDF)

The exclusive patent license template is designed for companies looking to add UW innovations to their existing product lines.

Who is it for?

For established companies and startups who want to strengthen their pipeline with UW technologies.

Key attributes

  • Terms are tailored to the circumstances of the existing company’s product and business
  • Can be exclusive or non-exclusive
  • CoMotion negotiators are experienced, creative and empowered to close the deal efficiently

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Read success stories about UW innovations that were licensed to existing companies from the maritime industry, for use in protecting the environment, and to screen newborns for genetic diseases.