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What We Do

CoMotion Labs, part of CoMotion, provides a multi-industry labs system hosting startups from inside and outside the UW community across three locations near or on UW campus, or via our virtual lab in Spokane.

Tailored Spaces

CoMotion Labs @ Fluke Hall


  • Life Sciences
  • Biotech
  • Medtech
CoMotion Labs @ HQ


  • Emerging Tech
  • AR/VR
  • Robotics
CoMotion Labs @ Startup Hall


  • Software
  • IT
  • Fintech

We average 90+ startups in our ecosystem at any given time. Our startups range from pre-seed to Series A, employing 2 to 15 people each, and are variously headed by students, faculty, and community leaders, with both new and seasoned entrepreneurs represented.

CoMotion Labs removes barriers for startups, and provides valuable industry connections in order to help our members take their innovations to impact.

Member Benefits

Unique Advantage

We're about your success. Business is all about relationships. At CoMotion Labs you'll find resources for your startup when your idea is in the pre-seed stage, and along the journey as you scale up. Here, you'll find plenty of office space, meeting rooms, as well as chemistry, biology, engineering, augmented and virtual reality labs.

We provide connections and training. But it's our services we provide that set us apart. As part of the University of Washington, you'll have access to thousands of first-rate minds doing cutting-edge research in hundreds of fields. We'll plug you into Seattle's thriving innovation community through our CoMotion Advisory Network and free workshops on everything from customer development to financing.

We're affordable. Since we operate on a sustainability model, instead of a profit model, our rates are affordable, so you can hire more staff. Plus, you keep all your intellectual property and equity!

Space Details

Life Sciences, Biotech, Medtech
34 startups
29 desks, 8 private offices, 3 large, closed offices
24 lab benches, 8 lab rooms
Event Space for 75+
Community kitchen

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CoMotion Labs @ HQ

Opened in 2016

Emerging Tech, AR/VR, Robotics
22 startups
55 desks, 3 conference rooms
2 mixed reality labs
Event space for 150+
Community kitchen

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IT, Software, Fintech
30 startups
66 desks, 6 conference rooms
Event space for 100+
Community kitchen

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CoMotion Labs @ Spokane

Opened in 2017

IT, Software, Engineering, Health IT
10 startups
Event Space for 40+
Virtual Incubator program serving eastern Washington, providing connections to resources and networks in Seattle

CoMotion MakerSpace

Opened in 2015

3D printers, laser cutters, electronics fabrication, sewing machines, CNC milling, AR/VR, woodshop, and more
6,000 square foot open space
Trainings, workshops, drop-in hours

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Our Team

Ashlee Esteban

CoMotion Labs Senior Manager; CoMotion Labs Manager @ Startup Hall

Xuny Haley

CoMotion Labs Manager @CoMotion HQ

Alleah Leano

Community Coordinator, Startup Hall

Brady Ryan


Elaine Tobin


Uly Rivera

Fluke Hall & Makerspace Manager

Caroline Hansen

Comotion Labs Events Manager

Grant Shogren


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