Fundamentals for Startups

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Fundamentals for Startups is our popular lecture series open to anyone interested in learning about entrepreneurship and building a startup. From raising capital to scaling to exit strategies, these presentations feature experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts who share startup-related information, experience, and insights. The sessions take place weekly during the academic year over the lunch hour and are open to the general public as well as the UW community. All sessions are recorded, archived and searchable on CoMotion’s website.

We are fully remote for the fall quarter. RSVP using the links below.

Fall lineup

  • 10/07 | David Younger, co-founder & CEO, A-Alpha Bio
  • 10/14 | Jeffrey Spector, co-founder & president, Karat
  • 10/21 | Ingrid Swanson Pultz, CTO, Mopac Biologics, former CSO, PvP Biologics
  • 10/28 | Branden Doyle, co-founder & CEO, Violett
  • 11/04 | Tom Harel, co-founder & CTO, Routable

11/04 | Tom Harel, co-founder & CTO, Routable

12-1 pm

Tom Harel

Tom Harel

Tom Harel is the co-founder and CTO of Routable where he leads the company’s technical strategy and product development. He approaches every element of his role with a developer-first mindset, drawing from his personal experience scaling business payments. Tom has been interested in computers since before he could even walk and is a self-taught developer with over two decades of coding experience. He previously served as a software engineer and data scientist at Yelp and EAT24. Tom earned his B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, where he focused on statistical methods and Econometrics.


How to build your first “proof of concept”

Building your first product offering is a huge challenge. Trying to balance very limited resources, lack of clarity about the future roadmap, and monumental aspirations can be tedious and strenuous. From a technical perspective, early-stage teams often try to build an extensible foundation for the future amidst wide uncertainty about future offerings. In today’s talk, Tom will cover a few approaches to tackle this problem, their benefits and drawbacks, as well as share his personal experience from building Routable.

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Anyone interested in startup creation is encouraged to attend our Fundamentals for Startups lecture series. It occurs on Fridays over lunch during the school year and features experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts who help close the gap in startup knowledge. It is open to the general public so go ahead and sign up below to get notified about the next series.