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Technology Incubator at Startup Hall: Price Plans

CoMotion Labs is a multi-industry incubator program hosting early-stage startups in three locations on the UW campus. From space to learning, mentoring, and networking, CoMotion Labs nurtures and enables success, without taking equity or IP.

The CoMotion Labs technology incubator, located at Startup Hall, supports startups focused in IT, software, fintech, and AI/machine learning. In addition to being the home of Techstars Seattle Accelerator, the BECU FinTech Incubator, and startup studio Kernel Labs, members benefit from a network of mentors, investors, and other startups. As part of the University of Washington, you’ll have access to UW’s robust network of talent doing cutting-edge research in hundreds of fields. We’ll plug you into Seattle’s thriving innovation community through our CoMotion Advisory Network and free workshops in everything from customer development to financing.

Join CoMotion Labs now with one of the flexible price plans below. Whether Unlimited, Part-Time, Drop-In or Virtual, CoMotion Labs technology incubator is your place to incubate.