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The Second Wave of 3D-Printing

Elias Stahl

Presenter: Elias Stahl, Co-founder and CEO of HILOS
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Hardware, Training
Posted: 04/1/2022


Elias Stahl shared from his experience scaling 3D printed footwear lines for the industry and discusses pathways for your own business to grow. In the first wave of 3D-printing about a decade ago, the technology was able to scale successfully for applications that could be directly translated from traditional to digital manufacturing – the “low hanging fruit” like aerospace and dental was ready for it. In the second wave underway right now, new tools and approaches for product design and engineering are unlocking new applications for additive manufacturing at scale.

Presenter Bio

Elias Stahl founded HILOS from an ambition to change the way we make, rewiring the footwear industry for zero-waste, on-demand product. Prior to HILOS, Elias served in the Israeli Special Forces, worked on urban policy while at the National League of Cities, and helped Fortune50 brands leverage their influence for social impact as VP of Product at Handshake. Elias holds an MA from Johns Hopkins University and a BA from the University of Toronto, is an avid history nerd, casual swing dancer, and an amateur distiller.

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