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Building Enterprise Fintech Startups

Dave Wong

Presenter: Dave Wong, Product Owner, Capital Markets Technology
Topics: Fintech, Fundamentals for Startups, Training
Posted: 03/11/2022


In this episode of Fundamentals For Startups, Dave Wong spoke about “enterprise fintech”, an area of fintech that is not well known to the mainstream public. In the years following the 2008 financial crisis, investment banking has come under considerable scrutiny from regulators, with problems compounded by the rise of “fintech”, which is commonly associated with startups that are looking to disintermediate commercial/investment banks from the financial system. Enterprise fintech serves banks and other financial institutions to help them navigate the ever-changing financial services industry. Dave shared his experiences working in this industry over the past two decades.

Presenter Bio

Dave Wong has extensive sales and product experience in Investment Banking Enterprise Software. He currently oversees the product development of Salesforce for Wells Fargo Securities. His prior experience includes working in trading, risk, and compliance technology for investment banks, hedge funds, and various early-stage fintech startups, which have since become part of Fiserv, CME, MSCI, Thoma Bravo, and ION Trading.

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