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From cubicle to entrepreneur–your past corporate job won’t help you here

Harinderpal (Hans) Hanspal

Presenter: Harinderpal (Hans) Hanspal, Founder and Principal at Thing Company LLC
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Hardware, Training
Posted: 04/8/2022


When folks who have worked their entire careers in large corporations take the plunge and become entrepreneurs, they quickly learn that the skills that got them ahead in their corporate jobs don’t always translate into success in the startup world. Making the jump from a steady job in a corporate setting to becoming your own boss as an entrepreneur can be difficult and daunting. It’s a life-altering change, and with eleven out of twelve startups failing, there’s no guarantee of success. This session considered five key areas – product, customers, channels, employees, financial – and examined the differences between corporate America and startup-land to help entrepreneurs reduce their risk of heartache and failure.

Presenter Bio

Harinderpal (Hans) Hanspal is a technology industry veteran and entrepreneur experienced in driving technology-enabled business and product transformations in technology, industrial, telecom, media, and entertainment companies. His technology and operations experience spans over two decades of turning scrappy startup and corporate innovation ideas into growth-oriented and profitable businesses based on transactional and recurring revenue models. He is the Founder and Principal at Thing Company LLC, where he advises global enterprises and startups on strategies for building and executing their revenue, customer, and product roadmaps for recurring revenue models (XaaS, Subscription, Pay-Per-Use, Pay-Per-Outcome). He was previously the Head of Platform Monetization and Customer Development for GE Digital’s industrial IoT platform, Predix. He came to GE by way of GE’s acquisition of Nurego, an Industrial IoT monetization startup, where he was co-founder and COO. Nurego’s SaaS product transformed industrial companies’ legacy quote-to-cash systems to support subscription, pay-per-use, and pay-per-outcome revenue models for their IoT and software-enabled products and services. Earlier in his career, Hans held global sales, product management, corporate strategy, and customer success leadership positions at several enterprise software and hardware companies, including Pivotal Software, VMware, and EMC Corporation (now Dell EMC). In his spare time, he leads the Seattle 4100+ member IoT Hub Meetup group.

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