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Innovation Training

Innovation Training

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At CoMotion we offer innovation trainings based on globally recognized practices grounded in scholarship and real-world application. Open to UW research teams, startups, and others from the UW community, our trainings are designed to build up the mindset, tools and skills essential to achieve economic and societal impact and equips innovators with the skills essential to build a successful business.

From developing a business mindset with programs like Idea to Plan or I-Corps, to prototyping and building at CoMotion MakerSpace, to learning how to apply for STTR and SBIR grants and practice your pitch, CoMotion offers a wide variety of training programs. In addition, some of our funding programs, such as the CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund with its with customer-discovery and marketing workshops, have training built into the application process. Also, don’t miss our Fundamentals for Startups Friday weekly seminar series featuring entrepreneurial experts from the Seattle innovation ecosystem, and which is open to the public and streamed live via our YouTube channel.

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Contact us at CoMtrain@uw.edu to learn more about our innovation training programs.