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“Change is coming. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, networks, advanced manufacturing and collaborative connected platforms will disrupt many organizations’ business models within the next few years.”


Deloitte, 2016 Directors’ Alert


Creating an innovative culture within your organization is critical to remaining competitive in a complex and constantly changing world. At CoMotion at the University of Washington, we offer innovation workshops based on globally recognized practices grounded in scholarship and real-world application. These workshops help organizations build innovation philosophies and practices while helping individuals develop their skills at innovative behaviors. We provide structured as well as custom-built workshops.

On-demand Innovation Leadership and Strategy Workshop

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Custom Workshops

Are you looking to build a more innovative culture within your organization?  Would you like to encourage your team to attack long-standing problems in creative new ways or to identify untapped product or process improvement opportunities in your business?  If so, then this Innovation Leadership and Strategy Workshop is for you.

We offer an informative and fun week-long executive training program designed to help you develop your innovation mindset and skills individually, within your team, and within your organization.  Using tools and techniques derived from scholarship and proven in the real world, we’ll work with you and your team to fundamentally advance your creative capabilities.

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For organizations or teams looking for a custom engagement, we offer workshops that are co-designed with you.


For inquiries about custom workshops contact us at CoMtrain@uw.edu


  • Mid to senior level executives from any size organization, any industry, and any country
  • Team leaders looking to improve their innovation leadership potential, with or without their teams
  • Individuals who are eager, engaged, and inspired to make an impact in their organizations


  • Open yourself up to the innovation mindset and develop strategies to infuse that mindset into your organization
  • Consolidate your individual and collective innovation skills to become a better innovator and develop your innovation leadership potential
  • Acquire tools to help yourself and your organization better tackle innovation challenges



“Innovation training helped us tweak our strategy from a goal of being a supplier to becoming a strategy partner. The program taught us that we live in a volatile environment and we need to learn to cope with that volatility. I have become more confident with uncertainties.”

– Chinese Aviation Industry Executive


“The Design-Thinking workshop opened our eyes not just to the process of innovation but also to the realization that all our offices can think collectively like innovators do – which was very empowering.”

– Director at local public administration


For inquiries about structured or custom workshops contact us at CoMtrain@uw.edu