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From Startup Hall to Series C: Building a unicorn to change the world

Jeffrey Spector

Presenter: Jeffrey Spector, Co-founder and President
Topics: Diversity & Inclusion, Fundamentals for Startups, HR/Hiring/Culture, Leadership/Building a culture, Sales, Training
Posted: 10/14/2022


Eight years after recognizing the need to completely reimagine the technical interviewing process, Karat now helps some of the world’s largest companies like Indeed, Amazon, and Intuit meet their hiring goals for software engineers. But the company isn’t stopping there — following a recent investment from tennis champion Serena Williams, Karat is now working to double the number of Black software engineers in the U.S. through its flagship purpose program Brilliant Black Minds. In this Fundamentals for Startups we heard from Karat co-founder and president Jeff Spector about the importance of mission and purpose as they work to tackle some of tech’s biggest challenges, and the lessons you can incorporate when building your own world-changing startup.

Presenter Bio

Jeffrey Spector is the co-founder and President of Karat, the world’s largest interviewing company and pioneer of the Interview Cloud. In this role, Jeff is responsible for the company’s product innovation and development as it works to transform the technical hiring process. He is also the executive sponsor of Brilliant Black Minds, Karat’s flagship purpose program that is focused on doubling the number of Black software engineers in the US.

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