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Spinning out a UW startup: Lessons learned

David Younger

Presenter: David Younger, co-founder and CEO of A-Alpha Bio
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Life Sciences, Training
Posted: 10/7/2022


In this talk, David Younger began by introducing A-Alpha Bio, a drug discovery company that spun out of the University of Washington in 2018, with significant support from the UW ecosystem and CoMotion. He also shared the UW and Seattle resources they utilized to get the company started as well as lessons learned, for those considering starting or spinning out a company of their own.

Presenter Bio

David Younger is the co-founder and CEO of A-Alpha Bio, a Seattle-based biotechnology company using synthetic biology and machine learning to measure millions of protein-protein interactions and improve therapeutic discovery for antibodies and molecular glues. David invented A-Alpha Bio’s AlphaSeq platform with Scientific Advisors David Baker and Eric Klavins at the University of Washington, where he earned his PhD in Bioengineering. David’s technical expertise spans synthetic biology, protein engineering, and Next Generation Sequencing assay development.

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