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Creating a technical startup from a non-technical founder perspective

A.J. Peper

Presenter: A.J. Peper, Founder and CEO of Command Sight, Inc
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Hardware, Training
Posted: 04/15/2022


Peper, founder and CEO of Command Sight, Inc. shared that while hardware startups face technical problems, which require technical solutions, it doesn’t mean all hardware founders need to be engineers. Learn how one non-technical founder is leading a company to make mixed-reality “doggles” (a canine head-mounted display) to make special operations canines better than ever.

Presenter Bio

A.J. Peper holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Oregon. In the first part of his 12-year career, AJ was the VP of Client Success at a digital marketing agency where was responsible for Business Development as well as leading engagements with large technology companies across strategy, sales enablement and executive coaching and keynote writing. Currently, AJ serves as the Founder and CEO of Command Sight, Inc., a company focused on Bridging Human and Animal Communication. In this role, AJ has raised private equity funds, secured multiple government contracts, and been awarded multiple patents for research efforts on Command Sight’s Canine Head Mounted Display.

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