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Early stage investing 101

Karin Kidder

Presenter: Karin Kidder, partner, First Row Partners
Topics: Funding, Investing, Training
Posted: 01/26/2023


This presentation focuses on demystifying the who, what, why, and how of early-stage investing.  A great session for those wanting to get a better feel for what early-stage investing is all about, this is a solid  introduction for soon-to-be investors and those getting started, and is equally helpful for early-stage founders who want to understand the funding landscape.

Presenter Bio

Karin is an angel investor, partner at First Row Partners (an early-stage VC firm in the Pacific Northwest) and a venture partner at Purpose Built (a Venture Studio based on the east coast). In addition, she also invests with E8, an international, Seattle-based angel group focused on emerging cleantech enterprises.  Karin has experience across a wide range of the early-stage investing ecosystem, having worked with the angel group Grubstakes as a core member and syndicate lead, as an LP at various funds, and participated in multiple rounds of the Seattle Angel Conference.  In addition to her investment work, she enjoys collaborating with early-stage founders and has partnered with groups such as the MITEF, WTIA, Graham & Walker, and the Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp.

Before committing to investing full time, Karin was the vice president of marketing for Microvi, a green tech company based in the San Francisco Bay area. Karin has an MBA with a marketing and entrepreneurship focus from London Business School and has a passion for the arts.

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