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Credit Union/Tech partnerships: Applying lessons learned to startup life

Lisa Gold Schier

Presenter: Lisa Gold Schier, chief strategy officer, Asa Technologies
Topics: Financial, Fintech, Scaling/Exit Strategies, Training
Posted: 01/13/2023


Lisa discusses her unique experience working with financial institutions and fintech providers, guiding them through strategy, market research, evaluations and ongoing partnerships. She discussed key considerations for engaging with credit unions and how she utilizes her skill set to help scale BECU FinTech Incubator startup Asa.

Presenter Bio

Lisa is the chief strategy officer for Asa Technologies, a company embracing a new form of Open Banking where banks/credit unions maintain ownership and control of customer/member data in a safe, secure environment and provide financial empowerment through individualized choice.

Prior to joining Asa, Lisa was a senior vice president at the American Bankers Association focusing on helping banks and technology providers develop strategies around innovation and technology implementation. Prior to this, she gained her banking experience with U.S. Bank. Lisa is passionate about consumer tech, bringing financial technology to consumers based on their needs. She is a frequent speaker on fintech/bank collaboration, providing expertise on how they can successfully work together.

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