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Building stronger business models through tri-sector innovation

Jens Molbak

Presenter: Jens Molbak, founder of NewImpact
Topics: Leadership/Building a culture, Training
Posted: 01/27/2023


NewImpact’s tri-sector innovation approach to problem-solving helps entrepreneurs and innovators find ways to better leverage existing resources to build stronger business models. Presented by Jens Molbak, this interactive workshop sparks innovation by offering activities and examples to help innovators identify key resources, align self-interests, and achieve greater levels of success. Join us—and get inspired!

Presenter Bio

Jens Molbak is the founder of NewImpact, a humanity benefit nonprofit based in Seattle, WA.  NewImpact is seeking to change the way the world finds opportunities and solves problems by pioneering the field of tri-sector innovation. Jens first realized the potential for tri-sector innovation when he founded Coinstar in 1990. His goal was to create a company that could simultaneously benefit the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Today, Coinstar has processed trillions of coins and billions of dollars for millions of people, raising over $150M in donations to nonprofits and saving the government billions of dollars, all while providing a valued consumer service and increasing spendable cash power. After the success of Coinstar, Jens realized tri-sector business models could be applied to many types of organizations, with the potential to help transform society.

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