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Leadership principle: Does the end justify the means?

Jon Eddy

Presenter: Jon Eddy, Mentor, advisor, advocate
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Leadership/Building a culture, Training
Posted: 01/6/2023


In this talk, Jon Eddy discussed how young leaders often focus on tasks and outcomes based solely on overachieving targets. In any organization, at any point of development, what should the core target be? The answer may surprise you.

Presenter Bio

Jon has 25 years of international management experience in the telecommunications industry. He has worked as a CEO and CTO in operating companies as well as a board member and chairman. Jon is a seasoned executive with a reputation for building strong organizational and team leadership capabilities. Having worked in multiple companies at different stages of their growth and in varying market conditions, Jon brings unique expertise in managing companies in complex operational, regulatory, organizational or market challenges.

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