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Compose your slidedeck for success

Don Sheu

Presenter: Don Sheu, Apertu Capital
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Pitching/Storytelling, Training
Posted: 02/3/2023


In this talk, Don Sheu shares how founders can increase the likelihood of moving forward with investors by how they organize their materials.

Presenter Bio

Don Sheu is a general partner at Apertu Capital, which invests in deep tech and software startups that are at seed to Series B stages of fundraising. Don created one of the world’s largest open source communities with 10,000 members and founded the Python community’s most financially successful grassroots conference. In addition, he has produced a fundraiser for CSforALL that featured the creators of Java, TypeScript, Perl, and Python. Don also produced Startup Row for PyCon, which featured over 100 early-stage startups, including unicorns Docker and OfferUp. Don also sold the web’s first online therapy site to ValueOptions, the country’s largest MBHO. Don holds a BA from Columbia University.

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