About CoMotion®


Vikram Jandhyala, UW Vice Provost for Innovation

Vikram Jandhyala,
UW Vice President for Innovation Strategy,
and Executive Director of UW CoMotion

Vision and Mission

CoMotion® at the University of Washington is the collaborative innovation hub dedicated to expanding the economic and societal impact of the UW community. By developing and connecting to local and global innovation ecosystems, CoMotion helps innovators achieve the greatest impact from their discoveries.

We deliver the tools and connections that UW researchers and students need to accelerate the impact of their innovations.

"Co Motion" (noun) 1. proceeding together at a faster speed, 
2. jets of creativity.

CoMotion Innovation Framework

Innovation Transfer 
Helping innovators make real-world impact

Innovation Learning
Infusing the practice of innovation into the community

Innovation Strategy 
Creating new initiatives and partnerships

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CoMotion exists for innovators -- for those with a compelling vision who want to see that vision come to life. With a framework built on Innovation Transfer, Innovation Learning, and Innovation Strategy, these pillars provide essential elements for how CoMotion helps innovators achieve the greatest impact from their ideas and discoveries.

We bring together the broader community to stimulate the collective impact that UW students and researchers are making in the world.

Our goal is to provide the mentoring and resources that UW innovators need at a granularity that blends into the pace of their work.

Innovation Transfer

Helping innovators make real-world impact

As a national leader in university technology transfer, we guide innovators from the UW community through the journey of the commercialization process including project development, intellectual property planning and protection, marketing, licensing and post-licensing support. With partners across the UW and throughout Seattle, we provide UW researchers with an excellent environment for starting new companies. We help plan and resource the development of customer relationships and product prototypes. We accelerate the process of problem-solving and shorten the path to success by providing:

  • ​multi-industry startups inside and outside the UW community with programs and space through our CoMotion Labs
  • resources through an Innovation Fund, and
  • mentorship through our Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, advisory boards and mentors

Innovation Learning

Infusing the practice of innovation into the community

We promote innovation learning by transforming ideas into engaging and targeted learning experiences. We expose students, faculty and staff to innovative thinking and the innovation ecosystem; and we incubate new cross-discipline educational models. We also offer faculty, staff and students trainings and workshops on innovative thinking, pitching, how to fund innovations, marketing strategy, business development and more.

Innovation Strategy

Creating new initiatives and partnerships

We create new initiatives for the UW to adapt to a dynamic, ever-changing educational landscape. One of these is the Global Innovation Exchange to develop thought leaders in innovation, and another is our public/private partnership grant program called Amazon Catalyst. We believe anyone can innovate and we work to instill an innovation mindset throughout the University and foster an environment where the courage to take risks is understood to be part of the path to success.



We depict this innovation cycle below using a new tool called the CoMotion Inclusive Innovation Quadrant. This Quadrant describes the phases that innovators and their ideas go through at the UW and shows the ways CoMotion supports them at each step. The circular nature of the Quadrant and the logo demonstrates how innovations progress and iterate along a life cycle -- though it’s important to note that innovations and ideas may enter and exit our innovation ecosystem at any stage to connect from or with other innovation ecosystems.

Innovations begin with an idea or creation and we have a number of ways at the UW to light that fire including our MakerSpace, our Ideathons and workshops. They then move on to the building phase where we support them with innovation development, IP management, funding, mentors and other learning opportunities. Next, they move into the morphing, or forming, stage where we offer CoMotion Labs startup programs and space, training, advisors and connections to funding. Last, they progress to the scaling phase which includes acquisitions and IPOs, job creation, contributing to the economic development of Washington and beyond, philanthropy, social good, and instilling an innovation mindset.

Last, the outer circle of the quadrant describes the innovation mindset that we work to instill and amplify throughout the UW community. These include factors like empathy, creative problem solving, agility, diversity of thought and collaboration.


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