• 1275
    UW Startup, Pacific Air Filtration, Creates a Better Air Filter
  • 1276
    Vikram Jandhyala Discusses Innovation and Industry over lunch
  • 1271
    Apply to the CoMotion Tech Licensing Fellows Program
  • 1268
    Humanities and STEM students collaborate at CoMotion + C21 Ideathon
  • 1265
    With a CoMotion grant, Spirometry 360 provides training in developing countries
  • 1171
    University of Washington ranks No. 4 among the world’s most innovative universities
  • 1125
    The CoMotion MakerSpace strives to be truly inclusive and accessible
  • 564
    Cardiac Researchers Farid Moussavi-Hamari and Mike Regnier
  • 330
    Air Force, UW researchers turn to moths for new breed of drones
  • 315
    UW startup PET/X LLC: Improving therapies for next generation of breast cancer care
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Latest result of entrepreneurial spirit in David Baker lab: Players of computer game Foldit help UW researchers search for Ebola cure.