CoMotion® at the University of Washington is the collaborative innovation hub dedicated to expanding the global economic and societal impact of the UW community.

Licensing to Industry


John Plaza, former CEO, Membrion

Membrion® has found CoMotion to be a terrific and helpful partner in the licensing process for Membrion’s core technology that was created by Dr. Newbloom during his tenure at University of Washington. We found the licensing documents to be reasonable with standardized terms and our negotiations with CoMotion’s Innovation Development team to be fair and transparent. Overall, we have been very pleased with the collaborative relationship we have had with CoMotion and believe they are a leading example for universities across the country for equitably facilitating the transfer of technology from academia to industry.” – John Plaza, former CEO, Membrion

CoMotion provided an Innovation Gap Fund grant with matching Murdock Trust funds, an Amazon Catalyst award, a Commercialization Fellowship, additional funding support, and supported a portfolio of patent applications that has one granted patent and seven pending applications.

Center for Educational Leadership

Stephen Fink, Founder,  UW CEL
Stephen Fink, Founder, UW CEL

“The University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership (UW CEL) is a nearly $4 million a year enterprise, set up in the UW’s College of Education. We’ve been developing more products and licensing arrangements – that’s worked brilliantly with CoMotion’s help. CoMotion is perfectly set up and quite adept at taking your content and creating licenses, and then UW CEL gets the royalties. I give a thumbs up for keeping that within the university.”  – Stephen Fink, Founder, University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership (UW CEL)

The University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership (UW CEL), is a nonprofit service arm of the UW whose mission is to eliminate educational inequities by creating cultures of rigorous teaching, learning and leading by licensing content and materials to educators, school and district leaders, including teaching effectiveness services, evaluation programs, coaching, leadership skill-building and other support. UW CEL was founded by Dr. Stephen Fink after many years as a school principal and assistant superintendent.

CoMotion managed the legal aspects of licensing this content. Now, UW CEL’s materials are licensed to a number of partners, ranging from the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals to San Diego’s County Office of Education. This has enabled the Center to greatly expand its reach and impact.


Tom Kennedy, CFO, ParaTheraTech
Tom Kennedy, CFO, ParaTheraTech

“ParaTheraTech Inc. licensed several patent rights from the University of Washington through the services of UW CoMotion. We were very pleased with the prompt attention to queries and to the resolution of issues that are part of the licensing process. ParaTheraTech found the UW CoMotion personnel to be knowledgeable, helpful and innovative in discovering and implementing solutions to the details of the licensing process. UW CoMotion was willing and helpful to both propose and to craft alternative language where innovation was required. ParaTheraTech Inc continues a healthy and respectful alliance with UW CoMotion as the assets are developed.” – Tom Kennedy, CFO, ParaTheraTech

CoMotion assisted PTT with patent filing and strategy, an Innovation Gap Fund grant, support for other funding and supported the company in licensing exclusive rights to the compound.

Global Cancer Technology

John Clark, CEP, Global Cancer Technology
John Clark, CEP, Global Cancer Technology

“Licensing went smoothly for all parties as CoMotion’s template agreement made for straightforward, conflict-free negotiations. It has been a delight to work with such astute professionals.” – John Clark, CEO, Global Cancer Technology

CoMotion supported the filing of 16 ultrasound patents which created the portfolio that HIFU+ exclusively licensed, as well as working with the company and OSP on a sponsored research agreement, and establishing an inter-institutional agreement with our technical collaborators.