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Licensed Direct-to-User

Through direct-to-user licensing, the University of Washington provides finished products or services directly to end users, rather than licensing to others the rights to develop and sell such products or services.

Drug Interaction Solutions

UW Drug Interaction Solutions™ is the largest manually curated collection of in vivo and in vitro data related to drug interactions in humans, used by scientists and clinicians globally. Its knowledgebase includes rich and critical datasets for the evaluation of drug-drug, disease-drug, and pharmacogenetic-drug interactions. Since UW Drug Interaction Solutions launched in 2002 at the University of Washington’s Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, CoMotion has been managing its subscriptions and licenses. CoMotion has also supported the team on contract management and renewal, expansion into clinical use, and intellectual property matters including copyrights and trademarks. The online platform is currently licensed to a large number of prominent pharmaceutical companies, drug development startups, regulatory agencies, CROs, and academic institutions worldwide.

Center for Educational Leadership

The University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership™ (CEL) offers comprehensive continuing education resources for teachers and principals. Launched in 2001 by Dr. Stephen Fink (retired), specific content was developed to help eliminate educational inequities by creating cultures of rigorous teaching, learning and leading. The Center turned to CoMotion to protect the content through copyright or trademark and licensed out the IP to other entities, ranging from the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals to San Diego’s County Office of Education. CEL focused on forming relationships with educational organizations around the country while CoMotion managed the legal aspects of licensing this content, enabling the Center to make a big impact on the learning of educational leaders over the years.

EarlyEdU Alliance

The EarlyEdU Alliance ®, led by the College of Education at the University of Washington, was launched by founding director and Primary Investigator Gail Joseph to give early childhood teachers access to affordable teaching materials, relevant coursework and community and mentorship in order to complete their degree. The alliance consists of in-person and online foundational and practice-based courses developed by national experts in early learning, a “coaching companion” which helps reach students in remote locations, and a community of early childhood scholars and experts for reflection and practice. CoMotion helped to establish a business that distributed financial support between philanthropists, government and other funding agencies. To date, the EarlyEdU Alliance has served over an estimated 4900 students of early education, impacting the learning of over 49,000 children.