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Survey of University Entrepreneurship Training

Online consent form

An NSF study of the U.S. innovation infrastructure


You are being invited to participate in a multi-university study of entrepreneurship training in the U.S. led by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Funded by the National Science Foundation, the purpose of the study is to discover the various factors that affect the knowledge and skill development of individuals aspired to become an entrepreneur.  It requires learning about the different kinds of entrepreneurship training programs and activities that universities currently offer and their impact on the participants.  Our ultimate goal is to provide policy makers with enhanced knowledge to design effective entrepreneurship training for students, faculty, and community members interested in starting and/or managing their own business venture.

Your participation in this research study is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate, or to withdraw after beginning participation, will not affect your current or future dealings with the University of Washington.

Online surveys

Participating in this study will involve completing four ten-minute online surveys over the next nine months. These include an initial baseline survey at the outset plus three follow-on trimonthly surveys. You will receive a $10 gift card upon completion of each survey, totaling $40 when all four are completed. Instructions on how to collect the gift card are provided at the end of the survey.


Your survey answers will remain completely anonymous, and will be entered into a large database along with a randomly generated case number.  Faculty, students, and staff who may see your information will maintain confidentiality to the extent of laws and university policies.  Only aggregate results from the database will be reported.  No personal identifiers will be published or presented.

Additional information

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Dr. Jeanette Ennis in UW CoMotion via email at

Please print this consent form if you would like to retain a copy for your records.

I have read and understand the above consent form.  I certify that I am 18 years old or older. By clicking the “OK” button, I indicate my willingness to voluntarily take part in this study.