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UW NSF I-Corps Site Program Awardees

The Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program, funded by the National Science Foundation, aims to accelerate academic research projects that are ready to move toward commercialization. Through training and mentorship, program participants learn about the commercialization process and test the value of their business idea by talking to potential customers.

Those who do well in the program may apply for up to $2,500 of funding to continue testing their business hypotheses via customer discovery. This program is excellent preparation for anyone who wants to participate in business plan competitions, seek gap funding, or apply for further federal funding (I-Corps Teams grant, SBIR/STTR grants, etc.). While the program is open to all, funding eligibility is limited to teams with at least one UW team member.

Winter 2023 winners

AMOR │ Is working on a modular Artificial Multi-Organ Replacement (AMOR) system that can provide easier and more efficient treatment for doctors to apply on single- or multi-organ-failure patients.

AVELA – A Vision for Engineering Literacy & Access │ Students from underrepresented groups in this program are passionate about bridging the opportunity gaps present in the public education system by creating and leading workshops, camps, panels, and other forms of community outreach.

C6 │ Collective medical case management software that helps providers help patients.

Colibri │ An ag-tech company building efficient and reliable UAVs to help farmers save 55% of their fertilizer use.

Jobs to Be Done Lab (JTBD lab) Makes persona and user journey maps based on social media data for the “jobs to be done” framework, one of the most effective frameworks for user research.

LabintheWild An online study platform that provides researchers with large and diverse online participant samples, and participants with an opportunity to learn about themselves and compare themselves to others.

Moodivation │ For young adults who have difficulty connecting emotionally with others, Moodivation is an interactive journal that help identify, track, and learn to express authentic feelings.

nanoFLASH A cost-effective nanoparticle generator that will greatly expand accessibility and affordability of nanoparticle research and development.

nomi A biofeedback-based petbot designed to help users improve self-awareness and create a better relationship with stress.

OneCourt │ An assistive technology startup using haptics and computer vision to make live sports more accessible for people with visual impairments.

PTSD Project Aims to build resiliency and inspire hope among those living with post traumatic stress disorder by offering real and immediate help and resources.

Research Navigator Offers expert research consultation and an online toolkit of best research management practices, plus an online community hub to help academic social researchers manage research more effectively.

ReuMo │ Produces green stormwater moss kits intended for multipurpose use in filtering stormwater runoff and grass lawn replacement.

Revel Fitness An app that turns exercise from a chore into a fun game.

Search and Rescue Remote Locator Tag │ An ad-hoc system of network beacons and low-cost tags to precisely track people and objects in remote areas.

Simpl-E-Vac │ Is designing a way to address the improvised nature of existing endoscopic vacuum therapy devices so that gastroenterologists can treat leaks more reliably and effectively.

SleepVibrations │ Offers a silent, non-invasive device that helps people sleep deeper and fall back asleep quicker after waking.

Sustainable, Scalable Bacterial Cellulose This lab develops scalable, sustainable bacterial cellulose-derived nanoparticles for drug delivery.

Wallingford Baclofen Pump Monitor A method of monitoring flow through the catheter of a baclofen pump to measure the dosage reaching the spinal cord.