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Roadmap to Scale Financial Reporting

Cassie Binford and Matt Medlin

Presenter: Cassie Binford and Matt Medlin , CPAs, Clark Nuber PS
Topics: Financial, Fundamentals for Startups, Training
Posted: 10/8/2021


This video discusses key financial reporting requirements for pre-revenue companies to help founders raise money and avoid costly mistakes. These topics include Cap Table Organization, Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations, and setting up financial systems for scale.

Presenter Bio

Cassie Binford and Matt Medlin are CPAs and leaders of Clark Nuber’s team serving pre-seed, angel and venture-backed companies in SaaS, AR/VR gaming, AI/ML, telecom, product innovation, blockchain and health sciences. Their team helps start-up and emerging-growth companies establish sound business, tax, financial reporting and data security practices to enhance their ability to raise funds, attract customers and develop their team.

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