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Catching the low-hanging fruit: My journey from idea to Series A

Katherine Sizov

Presenter: Katherine Sizov, co-founder and CEO, Strella
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Funding, HR/Hiring/Culture, Pitching/Storytelling, Product Development & Market-fit, Training, Transitioning from academia
Posted: 04/7/2023


In this session, Katherine Sizov discusses how she went from having an idea and zero dollars as a college student to having two revenue-generating product lines and raising $11.5M in funding. She walks through the steps to getting to MVP, raising capital and navigating Silicon Valley venture capital, finding like-minded and talented folks for your team, and a few non-absolutes she’s picked up to make the climb a little easier.

Presenter Bio

Katherine studied molecular biology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she picked up the stat that 40% of food is wasted before it’s consumed. She used her love of bio and application-based science to start her company, Strella, founded in 2019.

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