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Aligning economic and ecological benefits in reforestation

Grant Canary

Presenter: Grant Canary, founder and CEO, Mast Reforestation
Topics: Financial, Training
Posted: 03/31/2023


Techstars helped realize the value of Mast Reforestation’s unique financial model for funding and executing reforestation projects. This discussion showcases how Mast’s mission to scale reforestation comes to life through our vertically integrated reforestation model. From seed to seedling to reforestation services and carbon-removal-based financing, Mast is helping landowners affected by wildfires maximize the value of their land through ecological restoration and securing financial rewards for responsible forest stewardship. Hear Mast CEO Grant Canary explain how this unique model for reforestation will continue to evolve as it helps regenerate climate-resilient, CO2-removing forests.

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