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Meet a CoMotion Labs member: NanoSurface Biomedical

Written by Debra Bouchegnies / June 24, 2019

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Meet NanoSurface Biomedical!

We help scientists mature their cells in a quick, reproducible, and scalable way that more closely resembles how they structurally appear and function in the human body, leading to more predictive results.


  • Chief Executive Officer: Michael Cho
  • Chief Science Officer: Nicholas Geisse, PhD
  • Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer: Elliot Fisher
  • Vice President of Sales & Business Development: Robert Cain, PhD
  • Director of Marketing: Heejoon Choi
  • Director or Hardware Development: Jason Silver, PhD
  • Director of Lab Automation & Data Science: Eli Fine, PhD
  • Sr. Research Scientist: Bonnie Berry, PhD
  • Sr. Research Scientist: Rajneesh Jha, PhD
  • Research Scientist: Jesse Macadangdang, PhD
  • Applications Scientist: Hamed Ghazizadeh, PhD
  • Sr. Product Development Engineer: Kevin Gray
  • Research Engineer: Samir Kharoufeh

When: Joined in March 2015

Where: CoMotion Labs @ Fluke Hall

CompanyNanoSurface Biomedical – provides a suite of products for cell and tissue engineering, drug discovery, disease modeling, and fundamental cell biology research.

What problem do you solve? At NanoSurface, we strive to make cells in the dish resemble cells in the body, accelerating discoveries to improve human health.

NanoSurface Cultureware features biomimetic nanotopographic surfaces that imitate the structural architecture of the native extracellular matrix; this promotes the organization, migration, and phenotypic development of many cell types, resulting in more physiologically relevant data.

The NanoSurface Cytostretcher family of cell stretching instruments enables researchers to apply programmable stretch routines to flexible nanopatterned culture substrates, either in the incubator or on an optical microscope stage, to explore the effects of mechanical stimulation on cell and tissue cultures.

The NanoSurface eCyte 6 is an electrical stimulation system for long-term electrical stimulation and pacing of excitable cells in vitro.

What’s the latest? We are in the process of raising capital in a Series A round! We have also launched our NanoSurface Car(ina) platform, which enables highly predictive pre-clinical drug screening, using structurally matured human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived heart tissues. We are currently in discussion with a number of large pharmaceutical companies who are interested in leveraging our new platform in their drug discovery and cardiotoxicity testing processes.

Startup Advice: The core team members of a startup make or break the company. Be smart about the hiring process – it is better to be slow and methodical in bringing on new members rather than hiring quickly for the sake of fulfilling positions.

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