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Investment and Licensing Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved as an investor in CoMotion. Read below to learn how your involvement can help us move innovations to impact.

Invest in innovation

Funding opportunities include providing innovation gap funding to emerging startups and holding biannual CoMotion DubPitch events where startups pitch to regional investors. (See more on DubPitch below.) We also connect CoMotion inventors with innovative companies who are looking for particular types of skill sets, resulting in investments and/or acquisitions in companies, licensing of technologies, and acqui-hires of teams. You can also make a gift to the CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund.

Connect with a UW spinoff or startup

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UW CoMotion can connect investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and company builders to our network of startups. These include startups incubating at CoMotion Labs, a multi-industry labs system hosting startups from inside and outside the UW community across two locations on UW campus, or via our virtual lab in Spokane, as well as startups from the UW who are not CoMotion Labs members. Search UW spinoffs and CoMotion supported startups here, and to connect with a startup, email either UW CoMotion HQ or CoMotion Labs.

License a UW innovation

We distribute UW technologies under a wide variety of licensing models. For technologies which are licensed frequently, we expedite the transactions by posting Express Digital Content licenses which is a method for supporting large distributions under non-exclusive licenses or end user agreements. Other types of licenses include exclusive and non-exclusive agreements, end user and academic use agreements, option and confidentiality agreements and more. Search our Express Digital Content license database, or if you want to discover technologies available to license, email Learn more about licensing UW technologies.

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CoMotion DubPitch

CoMotion DubPitch is a biannual event that gives investors the opportunity to learn more about UW and CoMotion Labs startups, and allows UW researchers and startups to make valuable connections to investors who have the potential to fuel their businesses. CoMotion started this event a few years ago to create opportunities for startups to pitch directly to regional investors. We invite investors from our significant network to attend and learn about innovations from our community. For more information about DubPitch, contact