We support startup creation, launch, and incubation

Startups & Incubation

We support startup creation, launch, and incubation

UW researchers with questions can contact us at; startups with questions can contact CoMotion Labs or call (206) 543-3970.

Other startup resources

  • Fundamentals for Startups – View videos from our Fundamentals for Startups video series.
  • Ten Key Elements of a Great PitchThis video, featuring UW spinoff BlueDot Photonics and CoMotion commercialization advisor Ken Myer, is an example of a pitch that hits all the key points.
  • Streamlined licensing – (for UW spinoffs only) See these standard templates for the startup term sheet and license and an explanation of the terms within the templates.
  • Regulatory and reimbursement analysis is essential in moving technologies like medical devices, diagnostics or therapeutics forward. Through the Innovation Gap Fund, and the Institute of Translational Health Sciences, CoMotion sources outside consultants to help project teams address these critical issues.
  • CoMotion DubPitch – This biannual funding opportunity is open to UW spinoffs, CoMotion Labs startups and startups from WE-REACH and the Mobility Innovation Center who are currently fundraising. For more information contact
  • Mentors – UW spinoffs and all CoMotion Labs members should go to our CoMotion Advisory Solutions community page and join as a Mentee.