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Proteios empowers life scientists with the ability to synthesize proteins – as reagents or biotherapeutics – of high purity and low cost by developing products and services based on proprietary advanced protein technologies.

PROTEIOS is initially focused on providing life science researchers with affordable, easy-to-use and rapid kits to purify recombinant proteins. The Proteios kits will be five times cheaper than current market options. The silica-based resin will be disposable and not require lengthy and expensive cleaning/regeneration steps like Ni-NTA resins. Scale-up of Proteios' technology will transform the large-scale purification of biopharmaceuticals and drastically lower prescription drug costs. Direct benefits include low-cost, use of green reagents, and the absence of heavy metal impurities in the purified biopharmaceutical. In addition, the development of immobilized enzymes using Proteios' technology will open new frontiers in biocatalysis, biosensors, diagnostics and protein delivery.

Team Members

Robert Snyder