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Ghost Runner


CoMotion Labs - Startup Hall




While most existing fitness trackers can't do much beyond display current speed and distance, the Ghost Runner is the most effective substitute for the single best way to train: Running with another person. Unfortunately, for dedicated runners, finding the right partner and coordinating regular times and locations for runs is difficult to do consistently. We built the Ghost Runner to be the next best thing- a patented set of augmented reality glasses that allow runners to race outdoors against a customizable holographic training partner.

The Ghost Pacer has been developed by a group of students at Lakeside High School in the most beautiful city in the world: Seattle, Washington. When you put on one of our augmented reality-driven glasses, you will be wearing a product of our team’s many thousands of hours of research, design and testing. We are excited to get the Ghost Pacer in your hands as soon as possible – help us out by signing up for updates and be one of the first to join the augmented reality revolution and maximize your offseason!