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Beewriter is a writing assistant that helps you brainstorm better ways to express yourself. While existing tools simply correct some of your mistakes and maybe give you a few synonyms, Beewriter provides numerous suggestions and ideas for alternative ways to phrase your writing. Thanks to proprietary state-of-the-art NLP technology, nearly every sentence reviewed by Beewriter will have several coherent suggestions for you to consider. When you finish using Beewriter, you'll know that you've not only corrected surface-level mistakes in your writing, but also carefully refined your exact wording to be precisely what you wanted.


Beewriter is useful for native English speakers, but it becomes a real game-changer for non-native English speakers. Anyone who is a non-native English speaker or is someone who, like ourselves, has worked closely with many non-native speakers, is probably quite familiar with the challenges of the English language. The types of grammatical mistakes made by non-native speakers are often difficult or impossible to categorize, and all existing writing tools struggle with the majority of these types of mistakes. Thanks to our revolutionary AI/NLP technology, Beewriter is able to correctly interpret and revise all kinds of unusual mistakes.


Currently, Beewriter only works in English. However, we are working hard on updates that will allow us to adapt our system to other languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Someday, everyone who writes will be able to edit and improve their writing in Beewriter!