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Trends in Hardware Development and Entrepreneurship

Aren Kaser

Presenter: Aren Kaser, CEO and co-founder of Igor Institute
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Hardware, Training
Posted: 04/29/2022


Aren Kaser shared what verticals, opportunities, and challenges will be present over the next three years in hardware development, from emerging industries to hardware domain trends. Learn how an awareness of these realities can help hardware entrepreneurs be successful.

Presenter Bio

Aren is the CEO and co-founder of Igor Institute, a product development and hardware engineering firm located in Seattle, WA. As a strategic marketing and communications business professional, Aren has led teams of talented people that are committed to enhancing companies’ unique brands and helping to redefine the conversation around product development, hardware engineering, device design, healthcare, and higher education. Aren previously worked for Synapse Product Development and the University of Washington School of Nursing and has a B.A. and M.A. from Seattle University.

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