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Starting Up Solo: Validating Your Idea Without a Technical Co-Founder

Marius Ciocirlan

Presenter: Marius Ciocirlan, Managing Director, Techstars Seattle
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, HR/Hiring/Culture, Leadership/Building a culture, Marketing, Pitching/Storytelling, Training
Posted: 05/5/2023


Many aspiring entrepreneurs never start because they believe that they need a technical co-founder to get their startup off the ground. However, this is not always the case. This talk will explore various methods for validating a startup idea without requiring the involvement of a technical co-founder from day 1. Marius will cover both strategic and tactical approaches that can help determine whether an idea has potential and to refine it to increase its chances of success. By taking these steps, you can start building momentum and attracting the attention of mentors, co-founders, and investors who can help take your startup to the next level.

Presenter Bio

Marius is a Seattle-based product leader, serial entrepreneur, and advisor with a track record of success. He is an Emmy-winning filmmaker who transitioned to product design, which led him to design Groupon’s mobile apps that were downloaded over 100 million times. Marius has founded successful B2B and consumer startups and was co-founder and CEO of the VC-backed startup ShareGrid, which was recently acquired by Backstage. ShareGrid is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace where more than 150,000 filmmakers and photographers rent out more than $1 billion worth of production equipment. Marius is passionate about marketplaces that drive efficiencies in outdated industries and leveraging technology to lower the barrier of creation, such as no-code interfaces and AI creator enablement tools.

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