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Start round to end round: Why every startup must include sustainability in their business plan

Mark Sincell

Presenter: Mark Sincell, career and transition coach
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Sustainability, Training
Posted: 04/21/2023


Startup founders always have more things to do than time to do them. Is it worth spending your precious time developing a plan for environmental sustainability?  Can’t that wait until your company is established, growing, and (hopefully) profitable? The short answer is no. This talk explores what it means to be a sustainable (or better yet, regenerative) business, what competitive advantages your business gains by being sustainable, and why startups can’t afford to wait until later to start thinking about sustainability. Hint: investors prefer sustainable companies.

Presenter Bio

Mark is a career and transition coach who typically works with seasoned technology professionals. Mark provides a supportive, trustworthy, and independent sounding board to accomplished individuals who have reached a fork in their professional path and need to do some out-of-the-box thinking to help them make progress towards a new set of goals.  He is also creating a climate change coaching practice to help individuals and organizations develop sustainable and regenerative practices.

Prior to coaching, Mark earned his PhD in astrophysics and did original research on pulsars, active galaxies, and quasars. He transitioned from doing scientific research to reporting on science research as a freelance science writer. Following this, he spent several years working as a patent agent helping inventors protect innovations in processor design and fabrication, wireless communication, artificial intelligence/machine learning, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, and energy.

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