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Scaling a hardware startup with UW as a partner

Branden Doyle

Presenter: Branden Doyle, Co-founder and CEO of Violett
Topics: Fundamentals for Startups, Hardware, Training
Posted: 10/28/2022


Branden Doyle describes his path scaling the hardware technology startup Violett in the software-heavy Seattle area. The University of Washington played key early roles in enabling growth for Violett and as a result, Branden highlights opportunities he took advantage of while money and resources were tight. He also discusses prototyping, fundraising, manufacturing, and team building, and how each led Violett to new levels of scale as a company.

Presenter Bio

Branden Doyle is the Co-founder and CEO of Violett, an air disinfection technology company currently helping customers in the healthcare and eldercare spaces produce clean, germ-free air. Branden graduated from UW with a Masters in Engineering, and worked for over a decade as a nuclear engineer and technology leader for the US Department of Defense before founding Violett. He currently lives and works out of Gig Harbor, WA where he enjoys spending time with his family and all the PNW outdoor activities.

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