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B2B Sales for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Jessica Wiederhorn

Presenter: Jessica Wiederhorn, Society of Saleswomen
Topics: Marketing, Pitching/Storytelling, Sales, Training
Posted: 02/28/2022


You have an existing incredible product or service. Why are you so nervous to talk to a buyer or wholesaler? What is it about sales that scares off even the best entrepreneur or business owner? If you’re a soloprenuer or have limited resources, then you need to be good at sales. Learn the basics of selling B2B and get the confidence to go out and price, sell, and negotiate your product or service.

Presenter Bio

Jessica Wiederhorn has 20+ years of sales experience in B2C, B2G, and B2B software, shipping, supply chain, payments, and cash flow solutions working for both tech startups and Fortune 500 companies like American Express and FedEx. In 2019, she co-founded Society of Saleswomen, a collaborative and inclusive, come-as-you-are non-profit organization for the modern professional. Men and women are encouraged to share their voice, time, and heart at SoS’s online and in-person events, mentorship programs, and retreats. Jessica is also a certified yoga instructor with 350 hours RYT, volunteered for six years with The Fulfillment Fund as a Mentor and a Council Member, has served as Advisory Board Chairman and Province Director for Kappa Kappa Gamma, as a Board Member for New Image Emergency Shelter, and founded The Vision Board Guide in 2020. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Foster School of Business, University of Washington, and is currently pursuing her MBA at USC Marshall School of Business.

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