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CoMotion Innovation Fund Pitches

Written by CoMotion Staff / May 14, 2018

An AI-agent personal trainer. Sensor molecules that report time and temperature of a surface. A workplace empathy program. Treating cancer with holographic beams.

These are just some of the fascinating technologies, products, and services in development by University of Washington faculty and students that were pitched earlier this month in efforts to secure a CoMotion Innovation Fund.

The CoMotion Innovation Fund is a partnership between CoMotion and the Washington Research Foundation/WRF Capital to provide up to $1 million per year for applied research. Our mission is to fund and support projects that have a high chance to have impact but are unlikely to get there without gap funding. The Innovation Fund program is intended to help technologies get across the bridge between the conclusion of academic research grants and the level of development at which they can attract seed stage investment. Seed stage investment could come from commercial investors, but also from investors looking for social rather than commercial impact.

CoMotion Innovation Fund

Pitch Day 1

Pitching from Life Sciences were:

  • Holographic Focus – Holographic beam shaping for treatment of renal cancer.
  • i-MiDDs – a Multi-Infusion Drug Delivery System that simplifies setup, reduces the chance of medication errors and reduces medication waste.
  • Immobilized Cell Bioreactors –  a 3D printed bioreactor that will change the standard paradigm of fermentation in industry by enabling a shift away from batch processes and toward continuous fermentation.
  • Olico – cutting-edge protein design methods to engineer uniquely tunable biotherapeutics to treat diseases with unparalleled precision.
  • Tricera – Custom-designed peptides for targeted therapeutic applications.
  • Reperfusion Injury Modifier – reduces cell injury in patients who have had blood flow restored after the loss of some or all of the blood flow to the heart.
  • Vascular Monitoring Device – saves lives in critically ill patients with the first automated non-invasive device to measure circulating blood volume.

CoMotion Innovation Fund

Pitch Day 2

Pitching from IT and Engineering included:

  • Ask A… – product and related services to guide teams in the workplace through exercises to improve empathy in the workplace.
  • NDE Sensor Films – molecules that indicate heat exposure by changing color and fluorescence.
  • Cardera: AI Personal Trainer – an AI agent that understands human motions and provides real-time customized feedback to users.
  • NatureCollections – a mobile app that connects kids with nature.
  • Global Water Labs – a non-profit that plans to leverage its scientific expertise in the removal of contaminants to provide affordable drinking water to multiple market segments.
  • Astrolabe Analytics – accelerates sluggish battery innovation by giving engineering teams more powerful data management and analysis capabilities.

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