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What can Fenwick do for you?

Written by Sallyann Price / July 18, 2023
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Longtime CoMotion Labs partner supports startups and VCs

Fenwick partner Andy Albertson

Fenwick partner Andy Albertson

Fenwick partner Ryan McRobert

Fenwick partner Ryan McRobert

Fenwick is a law firm of more than 350 attorneys that provides a broad range of services to emerging companies in technology and life sciences. Ranked by Dow Jones and Chambers USA as one of the top VC practices in the U.S., the firm represents more than 1,500 VC-backed companies and acts as primary legal counsel to 80 VC-backed companies with valuations over $1 billion. Fenwick attorneys bring a deep understanding of how tech companies are formed, financed, grown, and taken public or merged, and they work to provide guidance on all stages of the startup journey, from initial funding to fundraising strategy to the development of quality investor materials.

Visit Fenwick’s Startup Resource Center for articles, videos, checklists, presentations, and other tools to help you navigate current challenges and anticipate upcoming issues in your business. It’s broken down into four sections: form, fund, grow, and late-stage strategies. You can even catch Fenwick partner Andy Albertson’s contribution to our Fundamentals for Startups series, a presentation called “Top 10 ways to screw up your startup.” Also, Fenwick partner Ryan McRobert hosts office hours for CoMotion Labs cohort companies consisting of in-depth discussions on forming, funding, growing, and exiting startups.

In addition to its services for startups, Fenwick has one of the preeminent venture capital practices in the country. The Venture Capital Services group helps to manage relationships with investors and the entrepreneurial community, facilitates meaningful introductions between clients and investors, and works with clients to refine their business strategy. The objective is to connect promising clients to appropriate sources of capital in the most efficient way for all stakeholders. And because of Fenwick’s tech savvy and Silicon Valley presence, investors gain access to a high-quality pipeline of emerging companies.

Fenwick has been a proud partner of CoMotion for more than five years, sharing a common vision for Seattle’s innovation ecosystem. The firm’s support has specifically helped CoMotion Labs host networking events and community socials, providing the type of in-person engagement opportunities that make a Labs membership so valuable.

Visit Fenwick’s website to learn more about how strong legal support can help your business flourish.