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Meet a CoMotion Labs Member: Medcurity

Written by Debra Bouchegnies / March 3, 2020

Welcome to our blog series, “Meet a CoMotion Labs Member.” These posts offer a peek into the groundbreaking work CoMotion Labs startups do and why they do it here. Stay tuned for profiles about startups innovating in software, IT, fintech, life sciences, biotech, medtech, hardware, prototyping, and nanotechnology. They all work in one of our two physical locations on UW campus, or participate via our virtual Lab in Spokane.

Meet Medcurity

(left to right) Joe Gellatly, CEO, Co-Founder and Amanda Hepper, President, Co-Founder

Where: CoMotion Labs @ Spokane

What is your startup all about?

Medcurity helps healthcare organization protect their patients’ information. We provide a cloud-based platform for managing HIPAA security and privacy requirements.

What problem do you solve?

Healthcare organizations must comply with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, which can add significant administrative burden. Healthcare organizations are required to conduct regular comprehensive risk assessments, maintain current policies, and implement appropriate safeguards to protect patient information. Medcurity clarifies requirements, provides supporting tools and resources to improve and track progress, and generates audit-ready reports when needed.

What’s the latest?

We are excited to be receiving an investment from WRF Capital as they join our Series Seed round. We are forming strategic partnerships and adding clients from around the country, while we add functionality based on our roadmap and our customers’ top requests.

Startup Advice from Joe Gellatly: We selected one problem to solve, then focused on doing that very well and getting to market. Now we’re able to build out this platform with customer input and support. If you’re looking at a healthcare software play, leaders love to see an intuitive interface that simplifies their work. Too many applications are designed to meet regulations first, with user experience as an after-thought.

Connect with Medcurity

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About CoMotion Labs: CoMotion Labs, a self-sustaining membership-supported program of UW CoMotion, provides a multi-industry incubation environment for early-stage startups with a focus on UW spinoffs. From critical infrastructure (desks, dry benches, wet lab space, and prototyping capabilities) to just-in-time learning, mentoring, and networking, CoMotion Labs nurtures company growth and enables success. Our labs are currently home to over 100 startups and operate in two locations on the UW Seattle campus.